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Session based tuition during the school year is broken into 9 equal monthly payments from September through June for 32 total weeks of service (holiday breaks discounted). The deposit paid upon enrollment is discounted from the first monthly payment. Enrollment is rolling throughout the school year and prorated accordingly. Services can be paused or cancelled with 2 weeks notice provided. We strive to offer make up classes for missed and cancelled classes whenever possible.

Plié Plan


Includes 1 class per week

Pique Plan_edited.jpg

Piqué Plan


Includes 3 classes per week


Primaballerina Plan


Includes Unlimited classes per week

Releve Plan_edited.jpg

Relevé Plan


Includes 2 classes per week

Arabesque Plan_edited.jpg

Arabesque Plan


Includes 4 classes per week

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Performance Fee


(2 per year)


 - Casting and participation in annual Winter or Spring performance

 - Complimentary digital costume portrait

 - 1 Complimentary ticket

Requires: Enrollment and strong attendance of classes and required rehearsals 

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