Class Descriptions

Storytime Ballet (Ages 2-4)

A storybook adventure inspiring the imagination while bringing stories to life through music and dance. All ages are welcome, with a recommended age of 2-4. We ask that a caregiver attend with students under the age of 3.

Adaptive Ballet (Ages 3-5)

A fun, nurturing exploration of movement and dance that adapts to the needs of students by offering a small class size (4 student max) and accommodations for sensory needs. Accommodations are guided by the specific needs of the students.

Pre-Primary Ballet (Ages 3-4)

A fun, nurturing exploration of movement that emphasizes musicality, coordination and the joy of dancing, while providing a foundation for a ballet education

Primary Ballet (Ages 5-7)

A fun, nurturing introduction to ballet foundations that emphasizes musicality, coordination, and the joy of dancing


Ballet 1-3 (Ages 8+)

Students progress through the American Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum to develop posture, flexibility, musicality and strength while learning ballet as an art of expression and grace.


Ballet 4-7 (Ages 11+ by placement)

Students progress through an increasingly complex curriculum while developing strength, flexibility, artistic expression and grace. Students have the opportunity to begin dancing sur les Pointes upon assessment of readiness by the teacher, as well as learning and performing classical and contemporary repertoire.

Open Teen/Adult Ballet

Offered at Beginning/Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced levels.

Ballet Fitness

A dynamic stretching, strength and conditioning class that combines concepts from Pilates, yoga, barre and ballet for total body fitness. (Currently inactive, inquire if interested).


  • Students are expected to be in class on time and ready to dance. Arrive a few minutes early to warm up with neat hair and attire.
  • Be respectful to those around you. Listen quietly while the teacher is demonstrating or giving feedback.
  • Be kind and supportive to yourself and those around you
  • Work hard and try your best