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Ballet is for Everyone

Dream Ballet School is founded on the principle that ballet is for everyone. This guiding philosophy permeates everything we do. That means we promote inclusivity and empowerment in the classroom, use dress codes that celebrate different skin tones and provide scholarships to those with a financial need. It means that every body is a ballet body, and every body deserves a chance to dance. We aim to provide this joyful enrichment to anyone with the passion to pursue it.

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Ballet is a toolkit

Ballet is a toolkit that serves the dancer through their endeavors, whether pursuing a dance career, college track or just living their best life. This toolkit is informed by centuries old tradition, and updated by modern science. Students of ballet develop skills including physical and spacial awareness, creativity, ingenuity, adaptability, diligence, teamwork, leadership, communication, musicality, expression and so much more

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Ballet is joy

Ballet promotes self confidence, community and joy. Every time you dance, endorphins are released in your body and you carry that with you through your day

Ballet is artistic expression

As Maria Tallchief said, "From your first plié you are learning to become an artist. In every sense of the word you are poetry in motion." When we unlock this sense of self expression from our first plié is when we fall in love with ballet

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Ballet is wellness

Dancing boosts metabolism and promotes the release of hormones such as seratonin and dopamine that reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Ballet promotes physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

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